Saturday, October 10, 2009

im sorry

im sorry that i cause you so many trouble
im sorry if i scolding at you
im sorry for the bad thing i done
im sorry for the making u say i dont trust you
im sorry for all i have done.

im really sorry syg. im just worried. ilysm dats all i want to say
but my sorry doesnt count if im still doing it kan? im sorry im worried...

tipu la lau teddy tade rasa curiga. every couple mesti curiga dgn pasangan die. teddy mmg curiga dgn sayang kadang2. tp teddy still caye pe yg syg ckp. sape tak curiga. lg2 lau dpt gf yg perfect cam syg. curiga sbb worried i may lost someone i really care. someone i really love. syg tade perasaan curiga kat teddy? tapi yg kita gaduh kat gig tuh. bkn sebab curiga or not trusting any1. im juz worried. if anyhting happens to you. if worried n concerned about you is a guilty then i admit im guilty.