Wednesday, January 12, 2011

beauty on the outside ugly in the inside

caked up and faked up,
she's obsessed with the outside.
nothing earned, too afraid to fail.
so she leads a hollow life void of insight
loving what you see, but you fear what you think
because of your mind and your body
there's a missing fucking link
that leaves you vulnerable, susceptible to pain
you're a garden of potential submerged in the rain

i said true beauty, cant be seen, with the eyes

ARMED, armed with a mind
i'm gonna strengthen my action with thought
make use of the gift i got
and walk fearless because i'm armed-with-a-mind
a weak offense when you step to this
mind over matter is power over fists
i walk fearless because i'm armed with-a-mind

i walk fearless with a mind far greater than your fucking fist.

spineless and mindless. you flex your muscles and not your fucking head
a deep man with a strong point made without one thoughtful word said?
"huff and puff", the fierce fists will do the talking
cant speak for yourself so your "crew"'s with you walking
tell me whats worth fighting for...
and it better be something greater than an evening of the score

boy, your true strength sleeps behind your eyes!

its the absent minded fool who's afraid to think,
to extend an open hand,
to dare to earn a thing.
its the gift inside our heads not to take for granted..
because an unexamined life is a seed unplanted.
as the animals, they cant reason
but as humans we can.
so are you just a wild animal or a rational man?
our bodies bring us nowhere, might does NOT make right.
theres a gift inside your head

Monday, January 03, 2011

kau yg bernama bangsat

take ur winning. Go take ur ass to heaven. Im so fucked up with u. Kepada betina yg suci gile ini. Sila blah dan jgn na kuar nama aku, or anything pasal aku. Aku x penah kuar ape2 sal ko. Ko kan suci. Org percaya la kat ko. Sbb ko ade tetek n pussy! Sbb tuh org caye. Aku ni ade kote. Org tak caya. Haha. Aku dah fuckep up gile. Dah lama aku diam ko na cari pasal. Selamat dtg ke dunia aku. Ye seperti yg ko ckp. Aku jahat. Yep. Sedangkan semua org nak masuk syurga. Aku x takut na masuk neraka. Sbb aku jahat. Dan aku xkan cover ckp yg aku ni baek. At least tade la penat aku nak berbaris masuk syurga tuh sbb ramai org na masuk syurga. And lg kesian ble org berbaris kat syurga tuh den kena reject dari masuk syurga. Haha. Fuck off. u can win all the things la sampah. But u cant take my pride, dignity and soul from me.