Saturday, June 20, 2009

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1. Have you ever been in fyka's house?
in tak penah dpn umah penah

2. Do you think syue is a virgin?
i dunno it's her life not mine.

3. What would you do if khalis and syue were going out?
mmg aku gelak kaw2 sorang2 hahahahahahaha

4. Would you marry shera?
adik aku kot.. cheit.. i would marry fyka!

5. kawan2 lain and tade kawan are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?
bengong dah kawan2 lain n tade kawan pe jd.. tade kawan la pe lagi

6. Would you marry amal?
dang she's my bestie lew.. fyka is the one who i like to marry

7. What is eya adikku's favorite TV show or movie?
tahlew.. ko suka tgk cite romantik ek eya hahaha dgn ko nye bf hehehe tol tak

8. What is one thing shasha anakku isn't exactly made for?
i dunno. she's isnt made for tahlew hahahahah

9. How would tade kawan insult eya adikku?
....... tade kawan means nothing so juz .........

10. Name something you have in common with siapa kawan?
have less friends hahahaha

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