Friday, May 29, 2009

baru nak bwat tag ni.. for old sakes haha

Sleep with or without clothes on?
tak pakai baju tp pakai suar kang syg.. hee awek aku tau korang tatau wekkk

Prefer black or blue pens?
black lew.. haha

Dress up on Halloween?
dress up jd myself hahaha

Like to travel?
bile dgn awek or kawan2 best la.. lau dgn family sux a weh

Like Someone?
ade2.. awekku fyka heee

Do they know?

Who sleeps with you every night?
my bantal busuk

Think you're attractive?
wuuuu takde attractive pon hahaha

Want to get married?

my girl

Are you a good student?
nope.. pemalas kot

Are you currently happy?

Have you ever cheated?? Been cheated on?
used to cheat not nymroe. been cheated thats y i cheated haha..

hospital besaq ipoh

Christmas or Halloween?
raya la beb... rendang itu penting! haha lagi2 ade lemang n lontong! perggghh meleleh air liurku

Colored or black-and-white photo?
edited haha

Do long distance relationships work?
tah tatau

Do you believe in astrology?
ape tuh.. karut je

Do you believe in love at first sight?
first sight? wah. maybe heee

Do you consider yourself the life of the party?
yep.. haha neraka jahanam is more party!

Do you drink?
used to tp dah quit

Do you make fun of people?
alot.. dont take it seriously dude.. haha

Do you think dreams eventually come true?
haa tatau lew.. aku mimpi nak jd kaya.. tp tak kaya2 ag pon

Favorite fictional character?
adakah benda dalam kepala aku diterima?? hahaa

Go to the movies or rent?
download n movie la beb.. rent watpe hahaa

Have you ever moved?
yep. tp still dalam ipoh gak

Have you ever stolen anything?
ade2.. haha

How's the weather right now?
pagi ni bwat aku nantok

Last time you cut your hair?
blan 1 ritu kot b4 masuk tempat praktikal ni

Last person you talked to on the phone?
i takde cdit nak call.. org pon tak call nak wat camne.. hahah..

Last time you showered?
pagi2 lagi dah kena mandi nak g praktikal. nak abis dah weh

Loud or soft music?

Mcdonalds or Burger King?
dua2 aku makan

Night or day?
night lepak day tido!

Number of pillows?
1 je.. haha lau tido dgn awek tak pakai bantal sbb bwat die jd bantal hee

Piano or guitar?
keyboard pc ni lagi best leh bwat mcm2 haha.. software2 disediakan

Future job?
keje yg tak bwat keje yg sama ari2.. fedup owh ari2 bwat keje yg sama.. dahla balik lambat haha

Current job?
student/son/boyf ni keje aku haha

Current love?

Current longing?

Current disappointment?
dgn bitches yg bajet2 hawt tuh.. get lost la weh hahaha semak2

Current annoyance?
si penyibok n bitch tuh. mau gaduh ka?? mari la

Last thing you ate?
nasi lemak lew layan pagi2 ni

Last thing you bought?
topup hahaha

Most recent thing you are looking forward to?
dating!!! n g gig

What are you hearing right now?
eminem lagu utk 2009.. layan la plak.. download2 weh. cetak rompak ni jgn jd cam aku tau

Plans for the weekend?
g berak kat toilet jj. den g kencing kat toilet parade.. jum join.. nak mark teritory ni haha

What did you do today?
bgn pagi mandi den siap2 g praktikal. n bwat pc

Pick a lyric, any lyric or song?
i will bring you hell nye lyric. band member aku ni melastik anjing ni haa lirik die
"grow up bitch now tell me watcha wanted?
before i end this stunt n makes ya beg for it!
grow up bitch now tell me watcha wanted?
im in d mood of bringing so much hatred!!!" haha u know who u are.
ni lagi satu
"aint here to preach,
im here to teach,
(a) fucked-up loser like you!
(dont deserve to taste heaven!!! )

im heart broken,
juz try to loosen it,

Pick a movie quote?
yipikaye(die hard kot)

People that i want to tag/DERA:
no one. this is juz for old sake

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