Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tagged laga

1. Starting time: 1.44pm baru sampai ofis ni
2. Current song: this is the reason i stay! 2nd combat haha
3. Name: ed
4. Sisters: ade yg tua tp ketot
5. Brothers: tade
6. Height: tak ingat
7. Weight: dah 50 lebih kot.. dah lama tak check
8. Where do you live: ipoh deh
9. Have you ever been on a plane: tak penah.. wuuu
10. Swam in the ocean: saya tak reti berenang. haha so no
11. Fallen asleep at school: haa.. dlu slalu gak.. skarang pon ade gak time class hahaha
12. Fell off your chair: penah tp sempat cover.. hahaha
13. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: dah ari2 handphone saya duk sblah saya
14. Saved e-mails: ade email tapi tak buka2
15. What is your room like: kecik2 n ade org tua sibok join tido situ gak
16. What’s right beside you: monitor pc, pc2 lama
17. What is the last thing you ate: td makan karipap!
18. Ever had...Chicken pox?: tak penah ag
19. Sore throat: sgt selalu
20. Broken nose: ade kot.. kena tumbuk,. adoi.. bengkok skit ni lau tgk btol2
21. Do you believe in love at first sight: tahlew
22. Like picnics: haa dgn kawan2 best la
23. Who was/were...The last person you danced with: haaa kat gig penang ritu.. haha tak ingat la nama die
24. Last made you smile: i always smile eventhough im hurt.. peace!
25. You last yelled at: tak ingat la
26. Today did you...Talk to someone you like: talk tade sms ade
27. Kissed anyone: today tade. hahaha tp sblom ni ade la
28. Get sick: bile penat haha
29. Talk to an ex: sum yes sum no tatau nape
30. Miss someone: everyday
31. Who do you really hate: everybody has one. i have more hahaha
32. Do you like your hand-writing: saya suka keyboard writing saya!! hahaha
33. Are your toe nails painted: tak haha
34. Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: do i need to mention it
35. Are you a friendly person: i think so
36. Do you have any pets: kucing putih 5 ekor
37. Do you sleep with the TV on: nope
38. What are you doing right now: msg..on9..ym..
39. Can you handle the truth: maybe
40. Are you closer to your mother or father: tahlew.. i tatau
41. Do you eat healthy: no... haha
42. Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: ade huhu tu pun sbb terjumpa
44. Are you loud or quiet most of the time: loud!
45. Are you confident: x. tapi saya cuba!!! haha
46. 5 things I am 10 years ago:

* 1. geek n nerdy
* 2..loner
* 3. hated
* 4. kaki ponteng
* 5 . kaki tido

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire

* beli umah
* beli kete
* kawin
* bwat bisness
* jalan2 satu bumi hahaha

1. 5 of my bad habits

* blur
* kuat cium
* degil
* tido mati
* pemalas

1. 3 places I've lived/living

* Ipoh
* sungai siput
* bkt merah

5 person i wanna tag:

* amal
* fyka dah kena tagged so tayah la bwat dah
* khalis
* tahlew
* tatau